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How to display a popup on a button, link, or image click?

Do you want your popup to display when a custom HTML element is clicked? With 1ClickPopup you can set it up in 2 minutes.

1. Find CSS selector in Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome.
Open the webpage where you want to display the popup.
Right-click mouse on the button/link/image you want to target, then select Inspect.
You will see the HTML of your element highlighted.
Right-click on it and select Copy, then Copy selector.

2. Setup trigger in 1ClickPopup

Open 1ClickPopup.
Open your popup for editing.
Click Display rules, then look for Triggers section.
Select On Click event and paste your CSS selector.
Click Save changes.

Display popup on Click event


Can I show a popup by clicking on a HTML element other than a button?

Yes, you can. Just replace the button with another HTML element in the steps above.

Can I setup a single popup to display by clicking on multiple buttons?

Unfortunately, no. For simplicity, you can setup only one button (HTML element) per popup. But you can setup multiple popups, one for each button.

Updated on: 07/03/2024

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