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2 popups every store should have - Best practices

Below you can find two popups that every successful Ecommerce store should have. These popups are designed to convert a higher percentage of online store traffic and drive more sales.

1. Opt-in popup

Opt-in popup / Welcome popup

It is also called a Welcome popup as it welcomes the user to your store. This is the first popup that you want a user to see in your store. The purpose of this popup is to collect emails/phone numbers and help you grow your subscriber list.

We recommend showing this popup with a time delay of 5-15 seconds. Give the visitor some time to look around before opening this popup.

These opt-in popups are mostly successful when done with some sort of incentive. We recommend starting with a lower discount percentage for most stores (for example, 10%). If you have a very high cart size, go with the dollar amount off (for example, $50).

Follow these steps to create an Opt-in popup.

2. Cart abandonment popup

Cart abandonment popup

The cart abandonment popup is a variation of the exit-intent popup. It shows when a user has something in their shopping cart and is about to leave your store. The purpose of this popup is to give shoppers an incentive to convert right there and save the sale.

We recommend applying a contrasting background to this popup to make it more eye-catching and force the visitor to take action.

Use a higher discount than in your Opt-in popup. For example, 30% off (or $150 off for high cart sizes). Remember that this offer is your last resort to convert the user right away.

Follow these steps to create a Cart abandonment popup.

Updated on: 24/06/2024

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