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Shopify integration

Shopify integration helps sync all collected data with Shopify customers and generate unique discount codes for your popups.

Setup Shopify integration

No extra steps needed here. The Shopify integration is enabled by default when you install the app. We even preconfigured it for you, so it is ready to go.

Fields mapping

You can setup which 1ClickPopup fields are synchronized with which Shopify fields/metafields.

By default all customer related fields, like email, or phone number, are synched with Shopify customers.

All other fields are synched with Shopify metafields. If a metafield doesn't exist it will get created automatically.

You can update the fields mapping by following next steps:

Open your popup for editing.
Click Integrations > Shopify.
Locate the Fields mapping section.
Update mapping.
Click Save.

Fields mapping - Edit Shopify integration

Marketing status

Email fields

Single opt-in

When a single opt-in level is set up in your popup (default opt-in level) all captured customers get synched with the Email subscribed status.

Double opt-in

All captured customers are synched with the Email not subscribed marketing status first. Only when customers click on the verification link in the confirmation email their marketing status get updated to Email subscribed.

You can enable double opt-in by following next steps:

Open your popup for editing
Click General, then search for Double opt-in.
Select Enable double email opt-in.
Click Save changes.

Enable double email opt-in

Phone numbers

If your popup captures phone numbers, they are always synched with the SMS subscribed marketing status.

Updated on: 08/06/2024

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