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Google Analytics 4 integration

1ClickPopup makes it easy to integrate your popups with Google Analytics 4 for detailed reporting. View, filter, and run detailed reports on popup impressions and conversions using Google Analytics 4.

Before you can begin collecting data from your popups, you must configure a Google Analytics 4 account on your Shopify store.

Setup Google Analytics 4 integration

Open your popup for editing.
Click Integrations > Add integration.
Select Google Analytics, then click Add.
Click Save changes.

From now on, all your future popup events will be sent to Google Analytics.


What data is sent to GA4?

Event name:
Event properties:

How to set up Custom Definitions in GA4?

Open Google Analytics 4, go to Admin, then find Custom definitions

Setup the following Custom definitions:

- OneClickPopup Action (ocp_action)
- OneClickPopup Name (ocp_popup_name)
- OneClickPopup ID (ocp_popup_id)

How to use Custom Definitions for reporting in GA4?

Open Google Analytics, go to Reports, Engagement, Events
Click Add comparison, select OneClickPopup Action with value impression and click Apply

Click Add comparison, select OneClickPopup Action with value conversion and click Apply

Updated on: 10/03/2024

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