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How to send a follow-up email via Shopify Email Automation?

Do you want to trigger a "Welcome new subscriber" automation in Shopify Email app after form submission? Not a problem. Just follow the steps below.

1. Turn off "Follow-up email" in 1ClickPopup

Open your popup for editing in 1ClickPopup.
Click Follow-up emails.
Turn off Follow up email and reminder.
Click Save changes.

2. Create new marketing automation

Open Shopify admin.
Locate Marketing in the left-hand menu, then Automations.
Click View templates.
Click Create custom automation.

3. Setup filtering conditions

Click Select a trigger.
Select 1ClickPopup and then Customer submitted email in the automation builder.
Click "+" icon and select Condition.
Click Add criteria, then Popup name.
Enter your popup name into PopupName.

4. Add an action to your automation

Click Then "+" icon and select Action in the Check if... card.
Select Send marketing email.
Select and edit the email template by your needs.
Click Turn on workflow.

All done!

Now your welcome new subscriber automation should look like the one below.

Welcome new subscriber automation

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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