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How to create an Opt-in popup - Quickstart guide

Welcome! 1ClickPopup makes it easy to create your first opt-in popup and start collecting emails in just a few clicks.

Let's create an email opt-in popup with a 10% off discount as an incentive. It will open when a visitor lands in your online store and stays on the page for 10 seconds or scrolls 75% of the page.


Open 1ClickPopup.
Click Create popup (top right screen corner).
Select Opt-in popup type.
Choose the first Opt-in popup template.
Open Discount section and make sure that you are happy with the default settings.
Keep the default settings everywhere else.
Click Save changes and activate your popup.

Congratulations! Your first popup is now up and running.

Opt-in popup

Updated on: 10/06/2024

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