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Mailchimp integration

1ClickPopup offers seamless integration with Mailchimp email marketing service. Connecting 1ClickPopup to your Mailchimp email list is very easy.

Connect Mailchimp

Step 1: Get Mailchimp API key

Log in to your Mailchimp account.
Click on your avatar, then on Account & billing.
Locate Extras tab, then click on API keys.
Copy your API key (create one if needed).

Mailchimp API key

Step 2: Add integration to your popup

Open your popup for edit in 1ClickPopup.
Click Settings, then Add integration.
Select Mailchimp integration.
Paste the API Key previously copied from your Mailchimp account.
Click Refresh and select an audience.
Click Add, then Save.

Done! Mailchimp is now ready to receive emails collected via 1ClickPopup.


Which form fields are getting synced?

All form fields, customer tags, and coupon codes are synced with Mailchimp.

Email address syncs with the EMAIL merge tag in Mailchimp.
First name syncs with the FNAME merge tag.
Last name syncs with the LNAME merge tag.
Phone number syncs with the PHONE merge tag.
Coupon code syncs with the COUPONCODE merge tag.
Custom text fields, Custom radio buttons, and Custom checkboxes sync with corresponding merge tags in Mailchimp. 1ClickPopup field IDs should have the same names as merge tags.

Field ID in 1ClickPopup

How sync works when double opt-in is enabled?

When the Enable double email opt-in option is enabled, subscribers will receive a confirmation email. They must click the verification link in that email before they are synced to Mailchimp.

Only confirmed subscribers are synced to Mailchimp.

What happens if my Mailchimp account is missing some merge tag?

You'll receive an email notification from us describing the issue, if an error occurs while syncing with any Mailchimp merge tag.

How do I pass the coupon code from my popup to my Audience?

Log in to your Mailchimp account.
Navigate to Audiences, then select All contacts.
Click Settings, then on Audience fields and |MERGE| tags.
Click Add A Field, and select Text field type.
Set the Field label to "Coupon code" and the Merge tag to "COUPONCODE".
Click Save changes.

Audience fields in Mailchimp

Updated on: 08/06/2024

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