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How to integrate with Shopify

You don't need to do anything to connect 1ClickPopup to Shopify. We have configured this integration for you and it is always active.


Which form fields are getting synced?

1ClickPopup automatically syncs all form fields (standard and custom), customer tags, and coupon codes with Shopify. Each subscriber is added to the customer list in your Shopify account with the email marketing status Subscribed (unless the double opt-in option is enabled, see below).

Email address, First name, Last name, Phone number, and Tags are synced with the corresponding fields in customer profiles in Shopify.
Custom text fields, Custom radio buttons, Custom checkboxes, and Coupon codes are synced with customer metafields in Shopify. Learn more about metafields
Also, Custom radio buttons and Custom checkboxes are synced with customer tags.

How sync works when double opt-in is enabled?

The double opt-in option only works for popups with an Email address field.

When Enable double email opt-in option is enabled, subscribers are synched to Shopify with the email marketing status Not subscribed. Also, they receive a confirmation email. They must click on the verification link in that email to get their Shopify email marketing status updated to Subscribed.

How can I display a collected coupon code in the customer's profile in Shopify?

Log in to Shopify admin.
Click Settings, then Custom data.
Select Customers, then click Add definition.
Enter "Coupon code" into Name, and "oneclickpopup.coupon_code" into Namespace and key.
Click Select content type, and select Single line text.
Click Save.

Customer's profile in Shopify admin

Updated on: 12/12/2023

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