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1ClickReferral - Introduction

How 1ClickReferral works

1ClickReferral helps you turn your customers into brand advocates.

When a customer makes a purchase, we display a widget (section) on the "Thank You" page.

By default, it says, "Give your friends 15% off all products. Get $10 off all products when they purchase with your discount code {referral_code}."

When a customer's friend buys using their referral code, we send the customer an email with the "$10 off" code.

Edit referral program

You can update discounts for brand advocates and friends in the settings. Simply open the 1ClickReferral app and click "Edit program'.

Additionally, you can change the text for thank you page widget and reward email (the one the customer gets when their friend buys).

This can be done in the settings as well. Simply open the 1ClickReferral app and click "Edit program'.

Activate referral program

To activate the referral program, open 1ClickReferral and click "Turn program on" in the top right corner of the screen.

Updated on: 12/12/2023

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